Biking in January 2015


Veloviewer provides a beautiful wheel of your activities, and as with all other stuff on Veloviewer, it’s highly customizable through various filters.

So this wheel covers my first biking month of 2015; I biked 393 km (15 hours) spread out over six rides in January.

And yes, I deliberately tried to ride on new streets to make the heatmap more impressive. Only one ride was Tempelhof only, but several rides ended with a few rounds there. Tempelhof is the beating heart of all my heatmaps!

As you can see, my Garmin doesn’t always get the altitude right from the start. However, once started, it seems to be correct relative to the faulty starting point, so the gained altitude (1,299 m in January) should still be correct.

Having a break now obviously, since I’m traveling.

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