King of the Mountain – feeling a rocket in my butt

It was windy today: Beaufort 5 or “fresh breeze” (8-10.8 m/s). I rode right into it for about 30 kilometers towards Henningsdorf, only to enjoy going back (a slightly different way) with strong tailwind. Ended up at Tempelhof, where I missed both Simon and Max by just a few hundred meters according to the Strava flyby animation that we watched in frustration afterwards. I’ll include the gps track on an openstreetmap at the end of the post.

Spring is slowly, slowly making its way through the winter. It’s been around 0 degrees on all my last rides. On Thursday Tempelhof was still a dirty pile of wet snow, but today it was totally cleared up. Otherwise roads are in general better than paths this time of year, I’ve realized. Several of the less ridden paths around the lake I circled were covered with ice today.




Anyway, when you bike, spring is not really a season; it’s a determination.

Managed to get number one on two segments on my way back:



I don’t check them while I ride, because I don’t care so much about them. But it’s fun to see what you were matched against afterwards. I also got place 2 on one segment, but as all cyclists know, being number two means you lose.

And then we’ll see if the map manages to get the correct locations for the photos:

Edit 1: Where is the map?! For some reason the OSM shortcode won’t display. I even tried to copy the exact shortcode of previous posts with working maps, but they don’t display either. I guess this post is fucked somehow. Never mind.

Edit 2: Funny. Had to make a new post and now it seems to work – though the photos are still not marked on the map.

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