Breaking the 200 km wall!

It’s been a great cycling week, I ended up biking over 600 km, which is probably my record, I’m not sure.

The highlight was today, when I was invited by some cyclists on Strava to join a tour to Neuhardenberg. I knew one of them from before: Matthias, a friend from Tempelhof.

The tour was 165 km, but another 10 km on each end to my home made it 185. So I thought it would be fun to reach 200, so I biked some extra streets before going home, thus reaching 205 km!

Wonderful weather; very cold (a few plus degrees, actually dropping to under zero at the end) but glaring sun the whole time. And great company; except Matthias also Stefan (our leader, since he had created the route), Olaf, Rita, Nik and Ralf. And the route was great as well. Stefan had searched out lots of smaller paved paths in the woods. (We also encountered some shorter stretches of the worst kind of cobblestone, but no one got a flat.)

I started out from my home at 10.30 and came back shortly after 21.

We kept a moderate cruising pace – average speed was 28.0 km/h – and made two stops: One at a very nice café just after Buckow, where I had two wheat beers (alcohol free of course!), a sandwich and an apple cake for 10 euro in total. Then we stopped again at the end of the ride at a beach bar by Müggelsee, just when the sun set. I had another wheat beer (4 euro) and we stayed for a while, enjoying the warmth from a hearth. In addition, I ate three bananas and two energy bars. And just before reaching my house, I bought half a chicken with pommes, which I ate in front of Yowamushi Pedal 22. Then I had a pizza. So just maybe I made up for those 5,001 calories that were burned during 7 hours and 15 minutes on the saddle!




Matthias and I actually have identical bikes (Caad 10) but in different colors. Oh, and Stefan and I have identical softshell jackets. 🙂








And here is the route on an Openstreetmap embed:

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