Berlin bike accidents roundup March 2015

[box type=”alert” border=”full”]Note: This is not a summary of my bike accidents. Thank god. Rather, it covers all bike accidents in Berlin which were serious enough to make it into a public report by the Berlin police. Read more about the background here.[/box]

3 March 2015: Car driver hits cyclist on pedestrian crossing


Male cyclist, 29, crosses Jaffestraße at 22.00. A male car driver, 38, turns left from Messedamm and hits the cyclist on the pedestrian crossing. The cyclist suffered severe damages to the head and was taken to a hospital. (Meldung #0541)

5 March 2015: Car driver hits 79-year-old cyclist on bike path


Street view of the scene. (Meldung #0555)
Street view of the scene. (Meldung #0555)

Male cyclist, 79, bikes on the bike path along Falkenseer Chaussee at 15.10. It’s the kind of bike path that is painted red. A male car driver, 53, ignores the give way-sign as he wants to turn left into Falkenseer Chaussee. He hits the cyclist on the bike path. The cyclist was seriously injured – among other injuries he broke a leg – and was taken to a hospital. (Meldung #0555)

5 March 2015: Car driver hits cyclist in the bike lane


Male cyclist, 50, bikes in the bike lane on Tiergartenstraße at 19.35. A female car driver, 51, drives in the same direction on the road. She sees a free parking space and turns right over the bike lane and hits the cyclist, who came up from behind, probably as the car driver was slowing down. The cyclist was taken to a hospital. (Meldung #0558)

9 March 2015: Police causes bike crash, escapes the crime scene!

This one is not described in enough detail to be illustrated: A plainclothes cop was tracking a suspected thief, 15, in his car when he got stuck in the opposite lane when turning left into Boxhagener Straße, probably from Kynaststraße, at 19.45. Meanwhile a male cyclist, 31, got a green light and entered the intersection, but slowed down when he saw the chaotic traffic situation. The cop got his car free and accelerated, thereby somehow causing the cyclist to fall and break his collarbone. The cyclist was taken to a hospital. The cop fled the crime scene, but managed to catch the 15 year old he was tracking. The cop is now being investigated for careless driving and abandoning a traffic accident. (Meldung #0600)

18 March 2015: Car driver hits cyclist in the bike lane


Male cyclist, 36, bikes on the bike path on Kiefholzstraße at 10.25. As he crosses Südostallee, a male car driver, 48, driving a Ford Transit van, comes from the opposite direction, turns left without respecting the cyclist’s right of way and hits the cyclist. The cyclist got severe head injuries and was taken to a hospital. (Meldung #0665, #0679)

18 March 2015: Drunk driver hits cyclist


Male cyclist, 39, is biking on Wisbyer Straße at 21.00. A male car driver, 54, waits for a tram to pass. He then ignores the give-way sign, crosses Wisbyer Straße, and hits the cyclist. It’s not clear whether the cyclist was biking in the bike lane, but the police writes that the cyclist had the right-of-way, and the street view also shows the double give-way signs:


The cyclist got severe head and leg injuries and was taken to a hospital for intensive care. The car driver smelled of alcohol, a breath test showed 0.3 promille. (Meldung #0673)

25 March 2015: Truck driver hits cyclist when turning right


Female cyclist, 29, bikes on Friedrichstraße. She bikes straight in the intersection of Kochstraße/Rudi-Dutschke-Straße, but is hit by a male truck driver, 60, who turns right into Kochstraße. BZ reported:


The truck rolled over the cyclist’s legs, so she got severely injured and was taken to a hospital. The intersection remained closed for traffic for two hours. (Meldung #0748)

Non-car-related accidents


3 March 2015: Male cyclist, 26, bikes on the bike path on Bismarckstraße at 13.00. The bike path is of the heightened kind that goes on the outer edge of the pavement between parked cars and pedestrians. A line of trees divides the bike path from the rest of the pavement.

At the intersection with Am Schillertheater a woman walks into the bike path. (My comment: This happens all the time – it’s the most dangerous kind of bike path for cyclists and pedestrians alike!) When the cyclist tries to avoid hitting the woman, he crashes into a tree.

The cyclist got severe injuries and was taken to the hospital, where he is still (as I write this on 5 March) being treated. The woman escaped the scene and the police are now looking for witnesses. (Meldung #0549)

More non-car-related accidents:

  • 8 March 2015: A female cyclist, 21, biked in the bike lane on Schlesische Straße at 5.40, while chatting to her boyfriend, 25, who rode on his skateboard on the pavement. The cyclist lost control and bumped into a parked car, hurt her head and was taken to a hospital. (Meldung #0578)
  • 24 March 2015: A male cyclist, 62, was found lying on the street at 20.30 after having fallen from unknown reasons. He had severe head injuries and was taken to a hospital. (Meldung #0736)
  • 29 March 2015: A female cyclist, 66, crashed with a male scooter driver, 50, who had the right of way. The scooter driver broke his leg, the cyclist was not injured. (Meldung #0776)

Bicycle theft update

[box type=”info” border=”full”]In 2013 there were 26,513 reported bike thefts in Berlin.[/box]

  • 14 March 2015: A male e-cyclist, 26, was approached by two men in Kreuzberg at 5 in the morning. When the cyclist stopped, a third man appeared. The three men knocked the cyclist to the ground and stole his e-bike and his phone. (Meldung #0635)
  • 23 March 2015: Plainclothes cops caught a male bike thief, 48, in the act when he stole a bike in Reinickendorf. (Meldung #0272)
  • 25 March 2015: Two men, 48 and 57, loaded several bikes into a van in Prenzlauer Berg. Witnesses called the police, who caught the bike thieves. (Meldung #0746)

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