That unpredictable street thug called Alditalk

I recently switched to Alditalk, a discount mobile provider, after a friend had told me about their insane speeds. They started by ripping me off because of a “technical error”, so all my 34 euro (prepaid) were gone in an instant. They later gave me 20 euro back because of goodwill. I still hate them. But my friend was right about the speeds.

First, here’s the speeds I get on my phone through my home line on wifi:

Telecolumbus 64/3 deal.
Telecolumbus 64/3 deal.

As for Alditalk, they have a very competitive 24h flat for 1.99 euro: It includes 1 GB data, which is quite generous. So you can afford to do a speedtest. Now the terms of the 24h deal is up to 7.2 Mbit/s:


However, this is what I got:

Alditalk Tagesflat with a "max speed of 7.2 Mbit/s".
Alditalk Tagesflat with a “max speed of 7.2 Mbit/s”.

That’s wild! And totally unexpected! Of course, coverage sucks (E-plus) and the connection goes down all the time anyway; even radio streams were interrupted. But still. German internet is like a powerful but unpredictable street thug who can give you your fix, but only if he wants to and if he’s in the right mood.

[box type=”info” border=”full”]Note: I prefer Germany to Sweden in almost all respects, that’s why I live here. The laws, the media, the bread. It’s like a member of the Swedish Academy who lived here for a while said: “Germany is like Sweden for grown ups.” It’s only in the area of internet speeds and prices that Germany (like many other countries, I guess) lag behind Sweden (and Japan) about ten years.[/box]

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  1. As a german I don’t give too much about what you’re writing about Sweden! I still want to visit it for the first time as soon as possible !
    I want the child in me to remain preserved anyway!!! ;DD

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