New bike lock

It was a principle of mine to not even own a lock for my Caad 10. The idea being that it’s not supposed to be left out of sight for the slightest moment ever – thus no need for a lock.

But I’ve had it for almost four years now. Maybe it’s ready to be alone on the streets at times.

At least it would be practical. Yesterday I waited 32 minutes for a bus (and it was 200, the flagship line!) before I gave up (cause I wouldn’t make it in time for where I was going anyway). Walking and using local transportation is so extremely inefficient. You want to run a simple errand and it takes the whole day. Hate it!

So on my way home, I decided to buy a lock and start using my Caad 10 as an everyday bike. Having had three bikes stolen during 2014, I don’t see the point of buying another one.

So here it is, my new Abus Granit Plus 640:


Very small, fits in your back pocket (though I was constantly worried that it would fall out when I pedaled) and still security level 12 out of 15. Cost me 70 euro, but what can you do. Weighs only 788 gram:


And here my Caad 10 is locked for the very first time, it’s a perfect fit actually:




4 thoughts on “New bike lock

  1. Nicht das vordere Laufrad vergessen!!! 😉

    Vielleicht mit einem Kabel mit Schlaufe von Krypto, die über dein Abus Bügelschloss mitgesichert wird?

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