Berlin Velothon 2015

I biked the 60 km race this year too. I got place 190 out of 4,288 men. (Up from 298 last time, in 2013.) In addition, there was one woman who was faster than me. My average speed was 39.28, up from 39.11 last time.


I biked in the same group the whole time, so it wasn’t hard at all to be honest. But very fun, as always!

Start at the Siegessäule.

But I realise I had quite bad luck in the placement, because the first 100 persons that cross the finish line get the placements 1 to 100, even if someone who crosses the finish line later was faster. Well, I was the 103rd person to cross the finish line, not even a full second after the 100th person (he came in at 09:22:38.2, me: 09:22:38.9) – we have the same average speed of 39.28 km/h. If I had only overtook three more people, or biked one second faster, I would have got place 100 instead of 190.

Though to be fair, 190 is the fair placement.

At least you can say I have a clear goal for next year, to be among the first 100.

I took several personal records on Strava. Most proud of the last sprint before the finish line, where I got placed 20 – oops, now I’m already down to 22 – of 1744, with an average speed of 47.7 km/h on the 600 meters just before the finish line:

Victory straight!
Victory straight!

Simon biked too for the first time and we met up for a free Erdinger Alkoholfrei in the goal area afterwards, he came in six minutes or so after me and got place 748. All my other biking friends are biking the 120 km race.

Goal. I biked in Hakogaku team wear.
Goal. I biked in Hakogaku team wear.

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