Adult shipment from Japanese Amazon Marketplace

My Amazon order from Monday 6 April 2015 also contained a couple of items from Amazon Marketplace, which are then shipped separately from those sellers (just like Amazon in other countries works). I realised that main Amazon doesn’t ship adult goods abroad, but Marketplace sellers do. So I got myself a few used adult manga …

The first Marketplace order arrived today in the regular mail. So it took quite exactly one week for it to arrive (after all, I placed the order at 23.24 on Monday last week). Finding this colourful parcel in the mail is half the fun:




In addition, last month I had Kohei bring me my favourite manga back from his last Japan trip, after having placed an Amazon order which I had delivered to his place. It’s a lush mix of Yowamushi Pedal, Kokoro Button and Yotsuba to = manga for boys, girls and children:


I’ve already finished the first Yotsuba volume (which is volume 3 in total). I think it takes me about 3 hours to read one of those volumes; about 30 minutes per chapter. I don’t look anything up, because Yotsuba to is so simple that I understand everything, well maybe except a few words here and there. Fireworks was the theme of this volume, very sweet.

Bicycle manga

Amazing, Akira Yomoyama has released his previous doujinshi booklets + a new story in this beautiful volume, so thick, with perfect print quality and a tasty obi!



So fresh it's not even officially released until next week! (15th April 2015)
So fresh it’s not even officially released until next week! (15th April 2015)

As for the shipment:

  • Monday 6 April at 23.24: I place the order on
  • Tuesday 7 April at 5.27: Amazon ships it from Japan.
  • Friday 10 April at 14.40: DHL delivers it to my door in Berlin.



This is perfect post-ride entertainment now that Yowamushi Pedal has ended! And perfect timing wheatherwise, people are strolling around in t-shirt today in Berlin, and some are wearing shorts.

You can buy Akira’s bicycle manga here. It costs 907 yen (about 7.12 euro) and you don’t pay the eight percent sales tax that people within Japan have to pay. Shipping to Europe is 1,400 yen ≈ 10.99 euro.

Magazine Monday: パチンコ必勝ガイド


I bought Pachinko Hissho Guide in Japan last autumn because of its cover. I didn’t realize until later that it’s a pachinko magazine, apparently first published in 1988. I’ve never tried pachinko, and none of my Japanese friends do it. But the cover is amazing. Just as bustling as the pachinko parlours, like this one in Sendai:

Pachinko parlour in Sendai, Japan. Photo by Karl Andersson.


The content too is a rush of light and color, just what you need in the autumn. Various pachinko machines are explained in a mix of editorial content and ads. The ads that are not pachinko-related are for penis enlargement, prostitution and – quite sweet – cat cafés.


  • 必殺仕事人 = deadly working men (contract killers?), a Japanese drama from 1979 that had a remake in 2014
  • お祭りわっしょい = Festival, yippie!
  • ST & 通常時 = ST (?) & normal hours (ST = special time?)
  • 演出数値 = performance value? (something pachinko specific, according to my tandem partner)
  • 100連発!! = 100 gunfire/bombardment (jackpot?)


The nationwide introduced important action “Festival, yippie” quickly becomes naked (?!) (explained in a way that leaves nothing uncovered = naked?)


There’s definitely no way to avoid accomplishing the performance value of the starmine’s 100 gunfire! (?)


We also offer a premium performance introduction!

There’s a website too:









This is an ad for Hills Tower Clinic, a “male clinic” which offers various penis enlargements. My tandem partner explained that the guy on the photo is famous AV actor Taka Katou (加藤鷹), who according to wikipedia has a 17 cm long penis when erect. The offer in the middle is for extending the length of the penis by 3 to 8 cm (!), which costs 150,000 yen (currently 1,042 euro).

Six points explain the advantages of the clinic:

  1. It’s a male clinic and the staff is all male.
  2. Phone and email consultation, as well as counseling, are all free of charge.
  3. By appointment only and private rooms protect your privacy.
  4. Examination and treatment are finished in one day, no need for a hospital stay.
  5. Before the treatment we will explain clearly about the appropriate costs.
  6. After the treatment we offer a thorough 24 hour “after care” free of charge.

A little manga featuring Mr Katou explains the four steps to a longer penis:


  1. 無料電話相談 Free phone consultation
  2. 予約・来院 Appointment, visit the clinic
  3. 無料カウンセリング Free counseling
  4. 施術治療 Surgery treatment

There are 10 Hills Tower Clinics, you can visit them here. The three words in their slogan or motto is 安心、安全、満足 = peace of mind, safety, satisfaction.



Up to 60 minutes for free


Wives exclusive use 2 shot dial (?)


Meet nearby wives


They are hiding from their husbands …


These slutty wives are flowing over with elegance and will fulfill your dreams.

According to my tandem partner, both the sex line and the male clinic may be enterprises run by the yakuza.

Private shipping from Japan


In the series of shipments from Japan to Europe, here is the latest one:

  • Friday 5 September 2014: I wrote my private contact “Yuuki” in Hokkaido about an item I wanted him or her to buy for me.
  • Sunday 7 September 2014: Yuuki wrote back what the totals would be, and sent me a Paypal request. I paid.
  • Tuesday 9 September 2014: Yuuki sent the package with unregistered air mail.
  • Wednesday 24 September 2014: The package arrived in my mail!

So that’s about 2 weeks, or exactly 11 weekdays.

Yuuki seems to have this as his/her job: To buy and ship Japanese items for customers outside Japan. There are companies who do the same, but I prefer to deal with a private citizen.

Visit Yuuki’s Ebay store here.


The content? Juicy!


Japanese Amazon delivers to Europe in only 2 weekdays!


Since I haven’t been in Japan recently, I decided to make a purchase on Japanese Amazon. They ship worldwide, except for the more juicy stuff.

The shipping wasn’t really cheap – but the speed was amazing:

  • Friday at 11.50 my time (18.50 Japanese time): I place the order.
  • Saturday at 03.22 my time (10.22 Japanese time): Amazon ships the order.
  • Tuesday at 12.03 my time: DHL delivers the order to my door.

That’s two weekdays (or three real days) for the shipment. Same as (or faster than) most parcels from Sweden take! And slim enough to avoid customs. Happy!

How to check the credit on your Suica card when outside Japan

People who frequently travel to Japan often end up with piles of Suica cards, the convenient payment card that is mainly used for local transport, but can also be used at convenience stores, vending machines and other places. I’ve often bought it as part of a bundle for the NEX train from Narita Airport, so I have 4 or 5 of them and I never remember how much credit they have when I leave Japan.

Now there’s an easy way to check your Suica credit even if you’re not in Japan. At least if you own a Japanese Wii U console. Who doesn’t. 🙂

Pay with Suica card on your Nintendo Wii U

1. Choose 電子マネー (“electronic money” – can be Pasmo or similar cards too) as payment option.

Pay with Suica card on your Nintendo Wii U

2. Choose the amount you want to charge your Nintendo account with, and hold the card against the gamepad’s RFID reader.

Pay with Suica card on your Nintendo Wii U

3. As for me, it turned out that one of the two cards I found was empty, and the other one only contained 100 yen. Since the minimum charging amount for my Nintendo account was 500 yen, I couldn’t charge it. But at least I know the credits now.

Making Takoyaki!

Takoyaki is traditional Osaka food. I had some on my first visit to Osaka in October 2011, and yesterday I helped making some in Akane’s new takoyaki pan, a heavy iron thing that she had brought back from Japan.













It was hard to get the balls really round at first because we used too little oil. But it was very fun to use the little metal sticks to rotate the dough until it became a ball!







Second batch, much rounder balls!



Smile, this is a fried potato snack!


CNN continues its lobbying against Japanese manga

CNN lobbies to ban drawings in Japan

Japan has now passed the law banning possession of child porn, which I wrote about recently. Sankaku Complex reports.

Apparently, this was not enough for the West, since sexually explicit drawings featuring young-looking characters are still legal in Japan. You know, the same way that drawings of Mohammed are legal in the USA, despite the Muslim world repeatedly has told the US how sinister they are.

CNN had apparently planned an undercover reportage for this special day. Read and shiver:

To see what’s being openly sold on Japanese shelves, CNN took a hidden camera to one of the many manga stores in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

Down a set of stairs, there are rows and rows of manga, many containing popular themes and images. But five feet away, in an area marked “adults only,” the content took a sharp turn into shocking sex scenes, apparently involving minors.

Some of the predominantly female characters wore school uniforms, hair clips and innocent expressions as they engaged in sometimes violent sex acts with dominant characters.

To me, this sounds like a reporter from Uganda who comes to the West for the first time and reports back to his home country about the shocking GAY magazines sold openly and which s/he could photograph with a “hidden camera”. (By the way, look what I shot without using a “hidden camera”. But of course, using the word “hidden camera” makes it all sound a little bit more scary, almost like investigative journalism.)

A Japanese manga industry representative tries to explain the difference between reality and fantasy to the Ugandan American reporter:

He said the characters were imaginary, so unlike real child porn, no one was hurt.

“Actual children suffering and crying is not acceptable. But manga doesn’t involve actual children. So there are no actual victims,” he said.

He adds that if scientific research would show that there is a relation between drawings (fantasy) and sex abuse (reality), they would change their view and cooperate. But no scientific research has shown this.

As if that would matter.

The activist from the previous article is quoted again, saying she knows of one case where a “predator” used manga to convince a child that sex with adults was normal.

The reporter comments in the video reportage:

Despite those concerns, cartoons featuring sexual violence against kids will still be for sale on the streets of Japan, even if some fear those cartoons may be fueling the darkest desires of criminals.

An Australian manga expert says that some manga, especially lolicon, risks giving “the wrong impression of women”:

“If you’re looking at it all the time, how are you actually seeing people? Is it just a fantasy, or maybe some people with a bit of a wrong mind think that is actually there, and that is the way to treat women. So there is a risk,” she said.

With such strong arguments pro banning drawings, who needs research.

Update 1

This tweet sums up CNN’s view pretty well:


From Milkboys: CNN vs. Shota

Update 2

And here is the cover that CNN blurred:

Dolls Fall 2

David Cabrera comments:

The cover image is even suggestively blurred out below the neck to imply that a sex act is taking place. You can see the actual, rather normal, cover on Frankly, CNN didn’t even need to misrepresent a comic to find something damning in Melonbooks… but they did so anyway, which speaks to their standards.

Read more: CNN Vilifies Manga as Child Porn

Why am I even upset that an American news channel lies and vilifies? Why even bother? And the irony of it all is that if CNN would have their way with Japanese law, the result would probably be that real child sex abuse would increase, at least until it reached American levels. Studies show that availability of porn lowers the prevalence of sex crimes in a society, and the same should go for child porn. So what CNN and other advocates of stricter CP laws argue for, is more child sex abuse. Way to go. (Applause.) And while I’m at it, Japan’s homicide rate is less than one tenth of the American one.

Japan to criminalize possession of child pornography

Lolicon manga magazine covers as pictured in IDEA magazine, Japan.

The Japanese Sangiin (参議院 = House of Councillors = the senate) are expected to vote this month in favor of a law punishing possession of child pornography with up to one (1) year in prison.

As of now, it is legal to possess child porn in Japan.

CNN writes:

Although production and distribution have been banned for 15 years, Japan lags behind other major developed nations in forbidding people from simply holding the sinister material.

People who possess child porn will be given one year to dispose of their “sinister material” if the law passes. Yes, the CNN news report calls it “sinister”, but I won’t stop there. I will call it “devilish”! That will show that I am more upset than CNN, thus a better person. How you gonna counter this? Revolting, maybe?

CNN also mentions what they call a “loophole” in the law:

And it won’t cover the country’s popular manga (comic book) and anime (animation) industries, which include depictions of violent sexual abuse of children in their publications.

This might change though. CNN quotes an activist in favor of the law:

Fujiwara said a discussion about some of the imagery in manga and anime – content that would be illegal in many Western countries – would be a natural “next step.”

One industry representatives argues against this by referring to scientific research – as if that would matter – and adding:

“The goal of the law itself is to protect children from crime,” he said. “Banning such expression in animation under this law would not satisfy the goal of the law.”

Another representative said that he personally may be “disgusted” by some of the content in manga. However:

“But rich, deep culture is born from something that might not be accepted by all,” Chiba said. “We need to allow the gray zone to exist as a necessary evil.”

The article ends:

Some experts suggest the situation is born out of Japan’s long-established patriarchal society.

Whatever the cause, changing a culture may prove a lot harder than changing a law.

Indeed, but I think we Westerners are doing quite well at the moment in trying to change Japan to become more like us.