Erster Mai in Berlin




So why does a “good” supermarket like the ecological Bio Company get its windows smashed? The logic is that customers who are rich enough to care about the environment are causing gentrification.


Some smaller Turkish shops covered their windows with wood despite hardly being the target of the window smashers, but then their logic works in mysterious ways so you never know.


A Turkish bank builds this fortress every year.
Kottbusser Tor was completely sealed off and no trains stopped there.






We put loudspeakers in the windows!
We dance on cars!


All in all a very happy evening, completely without riots as far as we could tell. 7,000 police officers were on duty.

That unpredictable street thug called Alditalk

I recently switched to Alditalk, a discount mobile provider, after a friend had told me about their insane speeds. They started by ripping me off because of a “technical error”, so all my 34 euro (prepaid) were gone in an instant. They later gave me 20 euro back because of goodwill. I still hate them. But my friend was right about the speeds.

First, here’s the speeds I get on my phone through my home line on wifi:

Telecolumbus 64/3 deal.
Telecolumbus 64/3 deal.

As for Alditalk, they have a very competitive 24h flat for 1.99 euro: It includes 1 GB data, which is quite generous. So you can afford to do a speedtest. Now the terms of the 24h deal is up to 7.2 Mbit/s:


However, this is what I got:

Alditalk Tagesflat with a "max speed of 7.2 Mbit/s".
Alditalk Tagesflat with a “max speed of 7.2 Mbit/s”.

That’s wild! And totally unexpected! Of course, coverage sucks (E-plus) and the connection goes down all the time anyway; even radio streams were interrupted. But still. German internet is like a powerful but unpredictable street thug who can give you your fix, but only if he wants to and if he’s in the right mood.

[box type=”info” border=”full”]Note: I prefer Germany to Sweden in almost all respects, that’s why I live here. The laws, the media, the bread. It’s like a member of the Swedish Academy who lived here for a while said: “Germany is like Sweden for grown ups.” It’s only in the area of internet speeds and prices that Germany (like many other countries, I guess) lag behind Sweden (and Japan) about ten years.[/box]