Where do my readers live? (日本)


I seldom check my statistics, especially the more detailed statistics provided at WordPress.com. But judging from the world map yesterday, this blog has many readers in Japan. That makes me happy.

Week 17, 2014

Week 17 = 21-27 April 2014


  • Hunter x Hunter, episode 114-118
  • Yowamushi Pedal, episode 27


  • One tandem session with Kohei (Sunday)
  • Read chapter 2 in the Duel Masters manga
  • Memrise: 24,100


  • Hans Blüher: Die deutsche Wandervogelbewegung als erotisches Phänomen. Kapitel 6 (p. 83-91): Tabellarische Übersicht der sexuellen Charaktere.

News from Japan:

Road bike:

  • Saturday: Tempelhof x 9 (57 km)
  • Sunday: Tempelhof x 10 (64 km)

Returned from trip to the Mediterranean.

Duel Masters Fighting Edge Vol. 5 第2話

  • 支配する to control
  • 生き延びる (いきのびる) survived?
  • 城 castle
  • 永久 (えいきゅう) persistent, permanent
  • 地下室 basement
  • 叶う (かなう) to come true?
  • 両肩にのしかかる to lean on both shoulders
  • 隠し部屋 (かくしべや) hidden room
  • 召喚 (しょうかん) calling (of card/curse)
  • 宝物 (たからもの) treasure
  • 承知 (しょうち) consent



Three lanes all the way from Munich to Berlin on the A9. We maxed out at 191 several times and were stopped by police once, not because of the speed though. They didn’t give a reason but asked if it was “Mitfahrgelegenheit” and checked our id’s.