When I was a child, all European countries had their own ice cream charts. Nowadays it’s all Langnese/Unilever/”heart brand”. Therefore this Italian ice cream chart made me very happy!

Week 16, 2014

Week 16 = 14-20 April 2014


  • Hunter x Hunter, episode 105-113


  • Read chapter 5 in ウソツキ!ゴクオーくん casually, took about 1 hour and I understood basically everything. I have now finished this interesting manga!
  • Read chapter 1 in the Duel Masters manga.
  • Memrise: 13,687

CSS3 – the missing manual:

  • Chapter 6 (p. 127-191): Formatting Text
    = start of Part 2: Applied CSS


  • Hans Blüher: Die deutsche Wandervogelbewegung als erotisches Phänomen. Kapitel 5 (p. 55-82): Contrectation und Detumescenz.


Trip to the Mediterranean.

デュエルマスターズ・FIGHTING EDGE Vol. 5 第1話

Spending an hour or two in the hotel room reading this card game manga before we’re heading out for a day trip.

It seems the structure of the chapters is similar to that of Usotsuki Gokuoh-kun; there’s always a sudden crescendo, in this case a card game fight, where the everyday setting disappears and gives way to supernatural effects. Probably the standard recipe for boys’ manga.


反応 reaction
衆 (しゅう) masses?
扉 (とびら)  door?
はぐる to get lost
無礼者 (ぶれいしゃ) rude people (lit. man without thanks)
慎む (つつしむ) to abstain from


求道者 (きゅうどうしゃ) investigator
破壊 (はかい) する to destroy


称号 (しょうごう) title?
任されし者 (まかされしもの) person in charge?
知恵 (ちえ) wisdom
選別 sorting
捨てる to throw away



Another boys manga I bought at Yodobashi. I started reading it now at the hotel room after a day full of walking. Words from the introduction:

試練 test
白凰 ?
修業 study
狙う to aim at
察知 perceiving?
勝利 victory
対峙する for each other
呪い (のろい) curse