Why is German Youtube so bad?

It seems to me that Germany has a very strong copyright lobby. It used to be that some videos were censored on Youtube in Germany because some music company – most often Sony Music Entertainment – had filed a complaint which made Youtube make the video unavailable in Germany. I remember finding it strange that artists with own video channels didn’t want their videos available to 82 million Germans. But what do I know of marketing strategies.

Nowadays it seems all music on Youtube is censored in Germany by default. Instead of opting out, record labels now have to opt in to have their videos available on German Youtube. I can’t interpret the massive censorship in any other way. Or why else would my friend Petter Wallenberg’s videos with epic Leila K vocals be censored here? I know Petter doesn’t want that, but I also guess he has more interesting things going on in his life than writing beschwerde to GEMA.

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/1Yxix79n_MA 630 354]
Someone put up a copy of the song though, that Germans can listen to:

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/aoaMFJy9M5k 630 354]
Netzpolitik recently wrote about the American artist Nina Paley, who paid 55,000 dollars for the copyright to the music in her film Sita sings the blues. Despite this, GEMA censored it in Germany:

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/LpTPTQ3e0Jg 630 354]
In an update, Netzpolitik writes that the video now is available in Germany. It’s like with the Iphone apps with political cartoons – apparently you must make some headlines and get the people on your side before the censoring company realises the loss in goodwill and changes its mind. In this case, GEMA blamed Youtube and Youtube blamed GEMA. Way to go, boys!

PS: Yes, I use proxies.

Update: Ok, I had to read up a bit on this of course. Apparently GEMA and Youtube has a conflict since June 2011. GEMA wants 12 cents per video with their music that is played, and Youtube says this is impossible. However, this doesn’t explain why GEMA apparently wants 12 cent each time I watch a video by the Japanese group AKB48 on their official channel:

It also doesn’t explain why GEMA think their artists are somehow caused harm when people watch their videos for free.