Sexy Zone Shibuya!

I went out to Shiki this morning for a meeting at 11. I was there even before 10 (just to be sure!), so I had breakfast at a Segafredo café while preparing my act. Shiki was a bit far away, it even belongs to another prefecture: Saitama. So it’s not in Tokyo despite reachable with Tokyo local transport. I let Google Maps calculate the way and suggest train routes. Is there anything Google doesn’t do?

On my way back I strolled around Shibuya and noticed that there’s a new group on the Johnny’s billboard: Sexy Zone. I wonder which other country would dare to name a group whose members are boys aged 11 to 17 to Sexy Zone. There are so many reasons to love this country…

Then some more shopping in Akihabara. Bought action figures for 10,000 yen! I’m seriously turning into an otaku. But I’m so happy! Must stop shopping now though, there’s no more space in my bags.

The winds are getting colder, but overall the climate is what we have in late October in northern Europe. A sunny day.

Oh, I took the first picture of the yellow sign because it was the longest sequence of kanji (4 of them!) that I’ve seen and understood so far: 東京新聞 reads Tokyo Shinbun = Tokyo Newspaper!