Mums, what a magazine!

My friend Petter┬ájust released the third issue of his collage-style free (but numbered and hard to find) magazine Mums!, with the subtitle the illegal issue. Yes, the issue covers crimes in all their forms; the main job is five artists’ interpretations of the murder of Swedish PM Olof Palme in 1986. As expected, this created quite the media storm:

The rest of the magazine is an orgy of crime-related articles, written by some of Sweden’s most renowned writers, and presented in the most tasteless graphic design on this side of Hello! Magazine:

I was happy to contribute with an interview with Tsukumo Gou, the manga artist whose drawings were illegal in Sweden until the famous Supreme Court ruling of June 2012. (Read the interview in Swedish here.)

Some more shots from Mums! #3: