Fuck you, Monocle!

I’ve had a hate-love relationship to Monocle ever since it started. I mean, can you believe it: I even subscribed for a year! But recently I’ve grown ever more anti-Monocle, it’s almost like an allergy spreading. I still browse it every now and then since it always contains something of Japanese interest, but it’s always with a growing sense of nausea. Still it has been hard for me to put the finger on exactly what it is with Monocle that makes me puke.

Until today, when I browsed an old issue while taking a shit and found this article about a bunch of laidback 30-something “skaters” who started a really hip “fanzine” in Norway “with a focus on skating, plus features on art and culture”, with “state-of-art design” and a well thought through web vs print strategy. Can you too hear the sound of Tyler Brûlé getting off? Seriously, I hate every single word of this article!

In fact, I hate this article so much that it’s an almost cathartic feeling of having understood something bigger, having grown. Without going into details, it’s like all pieces came together when I found it. I feel enlivened.