Amigo in the night

I always carry with me the little black notebook. It’s about 1,500 percent more effective than an iPad. It’s cheaper too, but the backup solutions could be better.

Protecting my patch … Last time I saw this tag I sat handcuffed in the back of a police car.

BooooOOOOooombastic! Love those Nikes.

Just put your lips together – and blow!

72 vintage gay magazine logotypes

Vintage gay and boy magazine logotypes, including Amigo, Beach Boys, Cock, Coq International, Dream Boy, Kim, Piccolo and Super Piccolo.

Boy, have I been scanning! Here are the first 72 vintage gay magazine logotypes that can be printed onĀ Vintage Pride t-shirts. A few titles occur more than once since they changed their logotypes.

To be frank, many of the logotypes aren’t that impressive, just like many of the magazines weren’t. But they are welcome in the mix anyway, since they contribute to the vastness and diversity of it.

So, once again, which one’s your favourite? I think I’m leaning towards MM and Superboy.

Karl Andersson releases fashion line

For immediate release:

Avid magazine collector and publisher Karl Andersson today announced the release of his fashion lineĀ Vintage Pride.

Vintage Pride is a collection of vintage gay magazine logotypes printed on t-shirts in various colours.

– I want to celebrate the diversity of early gay liberation by bringing the logotypes of its gay press back to life, Andersson says.

– The rainbow had more colours in the 1970s, he adds.

Vintage Pride is still in the haute couture phase, meaning each t-shirt is custom made and sells for 100 euro. At the moment, the customer can choose from a selection of 12 logotypes – see them all here.

– The logotypes are the soundtrack of a forgotten era, Andersson concludes.

– That’s why I love them.