Yohio is glorious!


One of the things I love with Eurovision Song Contest is to guess from which famous songs the composers have, um, got their inspiration. I’m quite good at it. I mean, who of you could hear Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive in a few seconds of Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale? Or the build-up from It’s Raining Men in Charlotte Perelli/Fredrik Kempe’s Hero. Abba’s series of double piano plunks from Waterloo (right after “And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way”) are almost always present in some of the Eurovision songs, either as a tribute to the old masters, or in a vain hope of adding some winning magic to the song by using the plunks as a charm. For Malena Ernman’s La Voix, Fredrik Kempe tried to tweak Puccini’s Nessun Dorma just enough not to be disqualified (which turned out to be too much). And Blond’s Bara hon älskar mig is the same song as Carola’s Mitt i ett äventyr (and written by the same person), the latter is only much better (and also much better than her winning song Fångad av en stormvind from the following year, but she wasn’t allowed to win with the first song because of her involvement in a religious sect scandal).

Yeah, you see what I like with Eurovision. I could go on…

This year’s Swedish finals, called Melodifestivalen, are broadcast tonight. I’ve only seen one of the qualification heats, so it will be fun to watch it and have my “quiz show of musical influences” without having heard most of the songs before. But out of the ones I’ve heard, this one comes closest to risking being disqualified for stealing more or less a whole chorus from a famous song. Just watch the videos and you’ll get my point.

Yohio: Heartbreak Hotel (2013):

Andreas Johnson: Glorious (1999):

I hope Yohio will win tonight! After all, Glorious is a great song, and, music aside, Yohio puts on a great show. 頑張ってね!

PS: Speaking of show, did you hear the Queen references too?