Vintage Pride

Vintage gay and boy magazine logotypes, including Amigo, Beach Boys, Cock, Coq International, Dream Boy, Kim, Piccolo and Super Piccolo.

VINTAGE PRIDE – vintage gay magazine logotypes as t-shirt prints.

The 1970s was lush. Gay magazines sprouted like mushrooms after anti-gay legislations had been repealed across the West. Some magazines were lousy, some were ambitious, but almost all were successful, since print was the web of the 1970s and gay men were hungry for anything that could satisfy their appetite for gay culture.

Each logotype is an artwork. Their styles range from bauhaus-simple to the hilarious. Some titles are mainstream gay magazines, others are boy magazines, yet others cater to leather men or the s/m scene. The rainbow had many colours in the 1970s. None of the magazines still exists.

I wanted to bring back that 1970s spirit. I decided to do so by printing the logotypes, since long part of the public domain, on t-shirts of various colours. The first 72 logotypes I’ve scanned and processed can be seen in the grid above.

I call the result Vintage Pride. Here are some samples:

Want one? Vintage Pride is not yet in production, I’m not sure it ever will be. However, if you really, really want a tee, I can have one custom made for you. It will cost you 100 euro, which includes a basic American Apparel t-shirt in your favourite colour, a black print with the logotype of your choice, and worldwide shipping. Send inquiries to karl (at) And let it rock!

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